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Kisaf Cargo & Co’s expertise and experience in handling clients cargo in a secured, convenient and efficient manner is second to none. Our clients from East Africa can attest to our service delivery with a personal touch. We collaborate with reputable airlines and shipping companies to serve you world class solutions at affordable rates.

See our services below and charges. Feel free to get in touch for further enquiries.


Air Freight Kenya

Need to get your cargo as quickly as possible from the UK to Kenya? Our air freight weekly services can cater for your needs. 

Weekly Air freight to Kenya £7 per kilo + £25 handling fees.

We offer collection services all over the UK & Europe (Fees applies)

We offer packaging and wrapping services (Fees applies)

  • 50% of payment will be required before shipping
  • Prohibition and restricted items are not allowed
  • Duration from date of shipment: 7 Working Days

Sea Freight Kenya

If you need to ship your heavy machinery, vehicle, bulk cargo or loose cargo from the UK to Kenya, look no further, Kisaf Cargo & Co can handle your cargo from pick-up location to the final destination in Kenya.

  • Mombasa: £2.75 per kilo + 15 handling fee
  • Malindi : £3.00 per kilo + £15 handling fee
  • Nairobi: £3.25 per kilo + £15 handling fee
  • Other parts of Kenya: £4.25 per kilo + £15 handling fee.
  • 50% of payment will be required before shipping
  • Prohibition and restricted items are not allowed
  • Duration from date of shipment: 6 weeks

Air Freight Uganda

Kisaf Cargo & Co is pleased to offer Air Freight Services from UK/Europe to Uganda weekly.

£5.0 per kilo (minimum) 5kg

  • 50% of payment will be required before shipping
  • For goods with value over £300 taxes applies
  • Strictly no used electronics
  • Prohibited and restricted items not allowed
  • Duration from date of shipment: 7 workings days starting on Wednesday
  • Collection point in Kampala, Uganda is Luwun Street

Sea Freight Uganda

Are you looking for a reliable cargo company to ship your bulk cargo from the UK/Europe to Uganda? Kisaf Cargo & Co is an experienced company with combined personel experience of 15 years serving East Africa.

  • £2.25 per kilo

  • 50% of payment will be required before shipping
  • Strictly no used electronics
  • Prohibition and restricted items are not allowed
  • Duration from date of sailing: 12 weeks

Door to Door Delivery in Kenya

We can organize a delivery to your home in Kenya for your cargo. Let us know in advance so that our personel can get your goods to your home at a fee depending on your location.

Cargo Packaging

If you can’t pack your goods and need us to help to pack professionaly, we can do it at a small fee, either at the pick-up location or at our drop-off locations.

* Charges starts from £ 5.


Collection of Cargo in UK and Europe

You can call us for your cargo collection in the UK / Europe if you are not able to drop it off at our warehouse. (Collection charges applies)

Vehicle Inspection

Kisaf Cargo & Co can organize your vehicle inspection QISJ before shipment. This is a mandatory service for all vehicle being shipped from the UK and Europe to other countries in world.


Returning Residents

Kisaf Cargo & Co can help you ship your cargo from UK/Europe to Kenya.

Excess Baggages

Kisaf Cargo & Co can collect your excess baggage’s from all London airports.


Roll on Roll off

At Kisaf Cargo & Co we can offer RoRo shipping services as well.

Terms of Shipping

  1. 50% of payment will be required before shipping. The balance should be cleared before the goods reach their final destination.
  2. Quoted delivery time are estimate and may vary
  3. Goods not picked within 7 days after off loading, you will be charged for storage or may be disposed off.
  4. Insufficiently packed goods are shipped at owners risk.
  5. Laundry bags and black bags should be shrink wrapped
  6. Goods will only be presumed missing if not received in 2 months from the expected date.
  7. Compensation is only up to 10% of the cost of the item.
  8. Goods can be insured at 25% of the cost price.
  9. Any claims of insured good will have to be supported by the original purchase receipt.
  10. These conditions are governed by English law and any disputes shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  11. There are no articles containing dangerous goods that are illegal in the UK and East Africa.

Please call the numbers below for more information;

Badi Kaawele: +447400660074 / +254725990080