Kisaf Cargo

⦁ Quoted delivery times are estimate and may vary (Sea cargo from 6 weeks, Air cargo 7 working days)
⦁ Insufficiently packed goods are shipped at owner’s risk
⦁ Full packing list must be provided before shipping (description of goods and value)
⦁ Extremely fragile items i.e. TV’s, glass, mirror etc.…shipped at the owner’s risk
⦁ Full payment is required before shipping
⦁ Goods would only be presumed missing if NOT received 2 months from expected date
⦁ Compensation is only up to 10% of the cost of the item, supported by original purchase invoice
⦁ Goods can be insured at 25% of the cost price
⦁ Any claims for insured goods would have to be supported by original purchase invoice
⦁ Prohibited/contraband items are NOT allowed
⦁ Goods deemed to be Dangerous both in The UK and East Africa are NOT allowed
⦁ Goods NOT collected within 7 days of offloading will be charged Ksh500 (£3.50) per day for storage and may be disposed off after 30 days of storage
⦁ Goods shipped to Nairobi and other cities will be collected at the local courier’s warehouses/offices, unless agreed otherwise
⦁ Aerosols or sprays of any kind are STRICTLY PROHIBITED – e.g., Perfumes, air fresheners (Air Cargo)
⦁ Products that have the DG (Dangerous goods) labels MUST be declared (Air Cargo)
⦁ Laptops, mobile phones, any lithium battery powered gadgets MUST be declared as DG (Dangerous goods) extra packaging costs applies (Air Cargo)
⦁ Petrol engines of any kind should be packed as DG (Dangerous goods), unless certified they are brand-new (Air Cargo)
⦁ Prescription medicines NOT allowed
⦁ Passports or IDs of any kind NOT allowed – authorities will be informed immediately
⦁ If any DG (Dangerous goods) are found in your cargo you may be liable to a fine up to £500 and the authorities have the right to destroy them
⦁ Items which are light in weight but bulky, will be charged by volume
⦁ We reserve the right to open and inspect all cargo for false declaration and safety reasons